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meet to fulfill dreams

If you are coordinating a seminar or managing a major

who dreams of giving girls You are the top of the top

and take them out with the most professional tools for the job market

You came to the right place!

So why aren't girls satisfied with two years of schooling?

From my personal experience with Hundreds and maybe thousands of seminarians who turn to me for consultation, to find out and to know

How to become a professional in the field of photography and processing Beyond what they have already learned over the two years

As part of my studies, I hear the sentence countless times:

"I studied, but I don't feel confident and professional enough to enter the job market" 

And the truth? I felt the same way...

Not because there were no professional teachers at the seminar and not because they didn't invest in us 

But simply because in the seminarsYou don't learn "Photoshop for photographers"

And even if you touch here and there in this image processing Really unsatisfactory and in order to enter the job market and stand out from the other colleagues around

For this you need to know all the secrets and techniques used by the greats in the field.


What is the difference between Photoshop that you learn in a seminar and Photoshop for photographers?

Wait, is Photoshop for photographers a different software? something different?

So the answer is no. The software is the same software, but the tools you learn as part of the seminar are very different.

As part of the studies, the girls learn how to use Photoshop to design ads, posters and various general designs

but do not focus on the tools and techniques for processing the image itself, they do learn some general methods

But not something that can satisfy a professional photographer.

In the course "We meet to make dreams come true" which is actually the frontal format for the online course "Magic of Processing"

We learn step by step and step by step how to achieve a dreamy and magical image in the most professional way possible

While placing great emphasis on atmosphere, inspiration and an image that tells a story...