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The journey to magic

"The journey to magic" is an amazing lecture in which I will take you

Together with me on a fascinating journey following the magical picture

We will go over all the elements together that will make our photo tell a story,

to be an inspiration and to include us allfor the atmosphere magical

During the lecture we will learn the correct steps to create a professional image

From the planning stage to the amazing poster on the wall...


״וואו, איזו תמונה! פשוט שלמות!! איך את עושה את זה???״

This lecture is particularly suitable for opening conferences or graduation sessions for photography majors in professional schools and seminars

It can also be incorporated at any time during the year in order to enrich the knowledge of female students

and give them an interesting taste of everything related to the world of photography from someone who has already experienced the field for years

The difference between a placard and a poster

Besides knowing how to operate the camera in a technical way, there is a lot more to know in order to be a truly professional photographer!

Have you ever thought that every picture has a special idea behind it? Or maybe you decided to just take a picture and that's it?!

Have you thought about how to make a bystander feel happy? Or maybe stress? How to feel the drama unfolding in the picture?

What is the difference between a picture that plays the role of a placket in which we see a child, a car and grass...

And a poster in which we see a whole story that hides beyond the picture?

Yes, that's it, that's exactly what we'll talk about!

We will descend together into the viewer's subconscious and understand themassociations  that our photo is uploaded by him...


Whoah... Whoah..

It's a whole and amazing world!

We will learn how to fit clothes,

And what about the colors?


What are the accessories?

The appropriate ones? Is there

Rules for choosing them?